Ambulance- Doctor’s Emergency

This is the true story behind every doctor’s life…

At the evening time,

A Huge sound of the Ambulance make his way that was an emergency which a young boy with bleeding of heavy bloods. Father and mother of the boy also came there early.

The boy has taken into the hospital, nurses has looked up him and told that he was in critical condition. We take him to operation theatre rest of you are stay here..


The Father and mother were cried. We all know the mother’s love and feelings. she is the most carrying, lovable, adorable and sentiments. Like that his mother as same as well as all.

Then the boy has taken into the operation theatre. Rest of the boy family’s were standing outside of the theatre. Everyone was frank and nurses are moving inside & out and also time is running out.

Father noticed that the operation was not started yet. He went angry and he shout out loud, why are you doing like this. my son is dying there! what the hell you are, not started the operation.

Nurse replied, Sorry sir your son has affected of the nervous system including the brain. so, the neuro surgery can only do this. our neuro surgeon was not here we have informed him. he is on the way to our hospital.

Again father got angry, during the conversation between them the doctor came there. Nurse told him, he is our neuro surgeon.

Father turn to doctor and said that this is the time to come here. this is the way you treat the patients. if your son is on this stage will you do like this, will you come late ah.,

But the doctor didn’t listen to him, he went inside to the operation theatre.

Boy family’s were shouting, crying and out of control. Mother was praying for him, sister and brother of him were praying.

On the other side operation is going on serious. The doctor is doing his full effort to save the boy.

After 2-3 hours later, the doctor came out, father asked him what happened to my son, is he okay? is he alright? tell me tell me.

Doctor replied wait don’t be panic everything is our control. your son is back to you. All grace to God. Nurse take care them.

and then suddenly he moved from the place. father was confuse and shock, doctor didn’t listen anything at him. he is on his way.

Then father asked the nurse why he is not listening anyone, what he is?

Nurse replied that today morning his son met with an accident which affected of the nervous system. same as your son and his son past away.

When we informed him about your son he is on his son funeral and he came here as fast as he can to save your son. Now he is going to his son funeral.Then the father was shocked respectable him.


This is the story tells about the doctor’s behind life. we are one. we all have the same respect. Every Doctor’s has the family, obligation and everything.

Don’t shout and angry at doctor’s they are next to god we must respect him. we must wait until they give new life.

Respect doctor’s, Believe them.


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