DETERMINATION – “Fighting Spirit!”

I had just a wonderful day but, all my days are always wonderful to me!

But today was completely different. Today there was a notice board saying that they’ll need to find Volleyball players for the boys

And I was so happy! I love playing volleyball when my father taught me how to play. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to play! Then I read more what was in that notice board and said that there would be an audition after three weeks! “Three weeks?!” I thought and think about it. I do know how to play volleyball but I’m not much of an expert in doing it but! I still have to try.

After that I was determined to practice volleyball everyday, since that day I planned on practicing started the next day and I did.

I practiced and practiced harder each day and I never get tired of doing the same practices through all the days.

Finally, the day has come. I was so prepared for this and hurried to the volleyball court to audition. Whence I had reached the gym I was surprise to see, 12 or 14 boys lining up! and I guess I was the last one to arrive.

Then our auditions began, some of the boys failed to pass the auditions and some passed the auditions. problem is, there was only one slot left to complete the 6 boys to join the volleyball team.

Suddenly I felt nervous because the person in front of me was going to take his serve. Then the boy hit the ball and then. . . . . . the ball didn’t pass over the net. Th boy slapped his forehead and left.

Leaving me standing in the middle of the court. Then the coach spoke “okay, you, serve” he handed me the ball and I caught it with my hands. As the ball was in my hands, my hands were suddenly sweating and so am I!

Then I became nervous about this ‘maybe I should back off’ I told myself unsure that I will pass the auditions. Then it hit me.

All of these practices that I’ve done the past 3 weeks was all for the day of the auditions. where I’m sure I can pass it perfectly!

I didn’t practice playing volleyball for nothing, I practiced this for today. I was determined to do this so i have to do this with all my fighting spirit!

Then I began, I came to a pause, inhaled deeply and exhaled. I swing my arm way back ahead and hit the ball and it. . . . . .and it. . . . . . . .and it. . . . . . . . . .

Yes! and it passed over the net!!! I was so happy i jumped in joy! that was the highest serve I did in the past few weeks I practiced serving and this, this was the best I did! The coach clapped and the people around me gave an standing ovation and I was so proud of myself.

And I realized that determination can make you to a successful ending.

This post is also published on Daily Prompt Karma Chameleon

This post is ORiginally published by Different Way to Success


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