Endless Love

Celebrating the Endless Love

Still in love‬!

Skin loses is strength but Love doesn’t.

Felix and Cynthia Fernandez; married for 63 years, 8 months and 6 days. they still love each other.

63 years ago,before they met each other.  In their college days they have been love failure for both. Felix love was an accident he love his lover lot he deserves for her. Her name is Beena.

Beena was a  short termed  person. she love only who loves her. Felix was a man who proposed her first, beena has not interested with this, felix deserved her. He goes wherever she go. Felix  given a love torture. and one day she loves him his loving way so she decided to love him.

Felix and Beena were travel every were  and went to coffee shop, shopping mall, theatre and beach etc. One day that day was the breakup between the felix and beena. Felix thought that was an misunderstanding gap it will be soon fulfil. but its not happened that beena married with another guy.

Felix was distrub by her he felts angry, annoyed, dispressed and dying heart. now he living with her dreams he don’t even think anything about his future.

One day his parents decided to marriage him. Felix is not interested with his marriage. His parents compiled him and marriage done great.

After that marriage the Cynthia was the wonderful women for his felix life. she lives for him. He lives for her. She was change his life, she his destination,. she know the truth of real love but she love him lot.



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