LIVE YOUR DREAMS -The Life Of An Aritst

At the age of six he fell in love with art, in grade school art on Fridays was what he looked forward to each week.

He remember making Christmas ornaments out of card board toilet paper rolls for the Christmas tree.

All through school art was his main interest because there were no mistakes to made. He loved staying up late drawing and listening to his friend.

when doing Indian ink drawings, time stood still and he could see the ink filling the minute slot in the paper.

If that sounds like he was on drugs the answer is NO Drugs just a natural high. There was a love affair with certain brushes and pencils. In the late fifties his parents moved the family from a small town in to the big city.

No woods to explore so he would get up early in the morning and take his red wagon around to collect things that people placed on the something for the garbage man to pick up, he found great treasures.

At the age of twenty two he was working as a mechanic and fell in love with wore out gears and sprockets.

His foreman showed me how to run a bead of weld and he practiced welding by creating art out of the scrap iron that we set out for the scrap man.

Now at the age of sixty five I use a boom truck and trailer to gather my scrap iron I referrer to as rusty gold. I had always dreamed of one day having a sculpture park for people to come and see my creations.

There were a lot of rejections along the way from museums to art galleries. At the time they were negatives which fueled a fire inside him to create his own museum and gallery.

Now he realize those negatives had to happen in order for him. To create a four acre sculpture park at the base of mount rainer ten miles before the west entrance to the national park.

The name of his park is Recycled Spirits of Iron and you can take a tour by searching for the video on youtube. He get visitors from all over the world who get a good dose of Americana art.

He love sharing his creativity and showing what people can do with some imagination and a great place of discarded items.

Just remember art fills the soul with love and money just fills your pocket book. Money does not provide happiness, when he die he will die happy and a soul filled with love.

Thats the happiness to live to better life. Be-sure you are the one who can make your life happy.

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