Path Doesn’t Chosen by Me

The Path doesn’t chosen by Me. I never want to go back to past or think about past. In my life that was an undigested path which I can’t travel or walk with my pain that seems screw kick on your leg.
The most annoying in my life was during secondary period that was turn my way which i didn’t think about my future. Nothing to think no one to help there. Wasted the minutes, times, hours, days, weeks, months and it touch’s the years.

There is no one here to clear my hard way road. There is no one to travel with me. Then I realize that,

“Life is not easy but I have to chose the path of my life..”


When I analyze that I have to take the responsible for all my quires and I’m the one & only have power to make my path. No one is there to stop I decided my road, my way, my street that as made for me. should made by me.

From that I make my own road now traveling on the road not alone with bunch of trees(family) love and care. Now I’m happy of my road trying to make a highway road, Building on progress…

Wishing you good fortune in the year of the monkey

Posted also in Daily Prompt February 13/16: Alma Mater

This post is Originally post in Different Way To Success


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