True Caring Near with You

A True story behind this post,

Ramesh was a popular boy at school.. He was clever and fun, and got on well with everyone. From an early age he had made an effort to be kind and friendly to everyone. he invited the whole class to his birthday party. he was such a busy boy, with so many friends, he felt lucky, no other boy had so many friends at school.

One day at school, everyone was having a great time, painting, giving gifts. That day in class everyone had a to make three presents to give to their three best friends.

When all the presents had made and shared out among classmates. Ramesh was the only one who had not received a present. He terrible  and spent hours crying. everyone tried to console him for a while.

This was exactly what he had done so many times to others. He realized that he was a good friends, but he had not been a true to anyone. he had tried to pay attention to everyone but now he had found out that was not enough to create true friendship.


He got home, he created quite a puddle with his tears, and he asked his father where he could find true friends. His father replied, you can’t buy friends with a smile. If you want true friends you will have to give them real time and affection. For a true friend you must always be available, in good times and bad.

But I want to be everybodys friend I need to share my time among everyone.

Father told him But you can’t be a close friend to everybody. There just isn’t enough time to be available for everyone, so its only possible to have  a few true friends.

Ramesh decided to change her ways so that he could finally have some friends. He thought about his father. He father was always willing to help his, he always forgave his, he loved him a lot. That was what makes friends!

And He smiled from ear to ear, realizing that he already had the best friend anyone could ever want.

This post published on Take Care


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