Chapter 4

Much like Facebook, Google+ allows you to post announcements and company news, but one major added benefit to using Google+ is that it can increase your search engine results just by using it. And, the more you use Google+, the more likely you’ll increase your company’s website search results. Google+ also specializes in multimedia and sharing tools. For example, Google+ Hangouts is a tool you can use to host, stream,
broadcast and record video chats. Need to have a meeting or a call with a few team
members and a client? Want to invite current or potential customers to chat about new
product or service? You can do that through Google+ Hangouts. Jump in there and use all that Google+ has to offer!

What is Google+?

Google created and launched its own social network in 2011 called Google+. Aside from being “just another social media platform,” Google+ also integrates Google products, services and search engine features all into one easy-to-navigate page. As a business, you can create a Google+ Page and build a community around it. This not only gives you the benefit of connecting your business with potential customers, but also boosts your
website’s placement in Google-powered search engine results.

Why Google+ Matters

It’s no secret that Google is the most popular search engine on the web. In fact, the term “Google” has gone from a company’s name and product, to a verb used to describe the act of searching on the internet. When someone “Googles” your business, you want them to find you easily, right? Using Google’s products to boost your search results, and increase your sphere of influence, is an effective way to do just that.

Rumor has it that websites with verified Google+ Business Pages get some good search engine karma from Google. Google+ content indexes well with Google’s search robots, so websites that post often appear higher in search results. Active use of Google + can lead more potential customers to you –
Good news!

What You Can Do with Google+

Like other social networks, Google+ allows members to connect and share text, photos and links. But Google+ also offers some unique opportunities to connect via video chat, multimedia content and more.

On Google+ you can:
• Create “Circles” of people and companies that your business interacts with – such as customers, vendors and partners.
• Schedule and host video chats via Google Hangouts.
• Post photos, videos, links and statuses – either to the public or to specific Circles in your network.
• Create and participate in interest groups.

Quick Glance Google+ Glossary

Circle: An organization system for the people and Pages you follow. This allows you to create targeted lists of your audience so that the right updates go to the right folks and brands.

+1: The Google+ equivalent of Liking something on Facebook. By clicking the +1 icon on a Page or post, a user is saying, “This is good – I like it!”

Tag: To mention a person or Page in a post. This is done by putting a “+” before the name of the person or Page in a status update. The person or Page will receive a notification on Google+ when you do this and may receive an email, depending on the settings of their account.

Hashtag: A Word or phrase (without spaces) that is preceded by the # symbol. Hashtags are used to keep related content grouped so that those interested in a certain subject can easily locate it.

Hangout: A video chat between up to 10 Google+ users. These can be streamed live for more folks to watch, and the video can be saved to YouTube.

Should Your Biz Be on Google+?

Yes! Though it might feel like juggling yet another social network, this is not one to miss. Because of the search engine benefits and the Google connection, being on Google+ is necessary for your business. It’s also easy. If you’re a small brick-and-mortar business, claim your Google+ Local listing, which is a business listing with Zagat information that is automatically created by Google.Convinced? Then it’s time to tap into the power and benefits of Google+.

Getting Started

To join Google+ as a business, you must first join as an individual using a Gmail account. Start by creating your Google+ personal profile, then you can use that to set up your Google+ Business Page and claim your Google+ Local listing.

Creating a Google+ Page for Your Business

• Click on the “More” link at the bottom of the left sidebar to find the Pages section.
• Click “Create New Page.”
• Choose the category that fits your business.
• Fill in the necessary information.
• Upload your logo, and a cover photo if you have one.
• Start posting.

Make sure to add the Google+ chicklet (widget) to all pages of your website or blog so that those who come to your site can +1 your pages and share them with their networks.

to be contiuned….

This article is originally taken from The Definitive Guide To Social Media Marketing by Skadeedle.


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